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Summer in New Zealand brings with it the lush growth of gardens, and it’s the perfect time to consider the health and aesthetics of your trees. At Tree King, while we handle the tougher tasks like large limb removal and aerial pruning, we also know many of you love getting hands-on in your gardens. Here’s a guide to the best tools for tree trimming, ensuring you do the best for your trees and yourself.

  • Secateurs: The Precision Artist’s Choice

A must-have in any gardener’s toolkit, secateurs are ideal for precise, clean cuts. Essential for quality pruning, they’re perfect for those unsure about how a tree might react to trimming. Limited to cuts up to 15mm, they offer a low-risk way to maintain your trees. We suggest investing in professional-grade secateurs, available for under $60 – a small price for a tool that can significantly enhance your pruning efficiency.

  • Loppers: Your Go-To for Larger Cuts

When you need to go a bit bigger than secateurs, loppers are your best friend. They offer a nice, clean cut and are excellent for branches that are just a bit too thick for secateurs. Opt for non-ratcheting ones for a lighter, faster, and more user-friendly experience.

  • Terrain:

The nature of the terrain can also affect the cost. Steep or uneven terrain may necessitate the use of a smaller-than-ideal machine, thereby increasing the time and effort required for removal.

  • Hand Saws: The Ultimate Precision Tool

For almost any size of branch, a good hand saw is indispensable. “Silky” brand saws are renowned for their longevity and precision. They’re an investment for life, with replaceable or sharpenable blades. Most of our arboricultural pruning is done with a silky handsaw, as they encourage more thoughtful, less excessive cutting and offer a cleaner cut than chainsaws.

  • Chainsaws: Leave it to the Professionals

Chainsaws are powerful tools best left to professional arborists, especially for off-the-ground work. The risk of injury and potential tree damage is high for inexperienced users. When it comes to chainsaws, it’s always safer and more effective to call in the experts.

  • Hedge Trimmers: Perfect Your Topiary

Hedge trimmers are excellent for shaping hedges and topiary. With practice, anyone can become proficient. However, large hedges can be dangerous to trim alone. For smaller hedges, regular DIY trimming can maintain quality and shape. Electric trimmers from brands like Stihl or Husqvarna are great choices, eliminating the need for fuel mixing.

A Note on Tool Quality

Remember, the quality of your tools can greatly influence your gardening experience. Investing in professional-grade tools from specialist suppliers is often worth the cost for the durability and efficiency they provide.

At Tree King, we’re always here to assist with the more challenging aspects of tree care. If you’re ever in doubt or need professional help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy gardening, and let’s make the most of this beautiful summer!